Hazloc Heaters

Hazloc Heaters is a manufacturer of Industrial Unit Heaters for hazardous and severe duty locations. The SRH & HUH series of steam heaters are designed with cabinet dimensions and mounting holes equivalent to a major western Canadian competitor’s brand of heaters making them easily interchangeable. Furthermore, Hazloc's heat-exchanger cores are also designed to slide into equivalent sizes of their heaters. An added benefit is their 18-month heater warranty!”.




  • SRH Steam Rig Heater - Available in 12" to 30" sizes
  • HUH Hydronic Unit Heater - Available in 12" to 30" Sizes
  • HHP Hydronic High Performance Heater - Available in 12" to 24" Sizes






  • XEU1 Explosion Proof Electric Air Heater



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